Wireless Antenna Analyzer using Bluetooth technology: miniVNA PRO



The new miniVNA PRO, the big brother of the well-known miniVNA, is an extraordinary and unique handheld vector network analyzer that makes available a multitude of new features and capabilities which are perfect for checking antennas and RF circuits for hams and commercial users.

Together with your PC/Laptop, you can add to your laboratory the further advantages of having this first-class VNA instrument.

This is the world’s first wireless analyzer capable of scanning and sending the data using an integrated Bluetooth module to a remote PC/Notebook up to 100 meters from the miniVNA PRO’s location.

This makes real-time antenna setup easy!

  • Frequency range from 100 KHz to 200 MHz 
  • Range of Z from 1 to 1000 ohm
  • Extended dynamic range: up to 90 dB in Transmission & 50 dB in Reflection
  • Two ports VNA with S11 and S21; displayed and save results
  • I/Q DDS Generator 2 channels AD9958 by Analog Devices 
  • Two separate buffered RF output I/Q for SDR experiment and IMD test with independent 0-55 dB attenuator; Phase adjustment resolution of 1 degree. Output power of 0 dBm 
  • SMA connectors for better isolation 
  • Built in Bluetooth Class 1 with external antenna on PCB for remote measurements up to 100mt  
  • Internal Battery Li-ion with 1000 mA/h (4 hours full- scan operation)  
  • Built-in battery charger (up to 400 mA) 
  • Low power consumption, 220 mA @ 3.6 V (analyzer mode using USB port)
  • Power save mode
  •  Accessory port for future optional interfaces and frequency extenders 
  • Calibration using open-short-load for accurate resultsFrequency range 0.1-200 MHz. 
  • Menagement by the VNA/J: User friendly FREE software interface for PC Windows  XP- Vista-Win7 / Linux and Mac (JAVA – JRE6 based) by DL2SBA, see here
  • Measurements of motional crystal parameters, cable length, & moreExport data in several formats – JPEG, EXCEL, ZPLOT, S2P, PDF 
  • Integrated Smith chart in software 
  • Android app. for management via Smartphore or Tablet 
  • Boot loader for future firmware upgrades
  • Optional EXTENDER for UHF and SHF band  up to 1.5Ghz