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PRO vs Tiny

A little table to compare miniVNA PRO and miniVNA Tiny in their capabilities.

miniVNA PRO miniVNA Tiny
Range 0.1-200 Mhz 1-3000 Mhz
Battery YES NO
Dynamic 90 dB @ 100 MHz 70 dB @ 500 Mhz
Wireless YES / Bluetooth NO
Generator YES double YES
Option Extender NO
Reflection YES YES
Transmission Yes Yes
DDS I/Q generator YES NO
SMA connectors YES YES

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New release of BlueVNA (0.9.4)

In Play Store new release of of BlueVNA, application for miniVNA by Dan Toma YO3GGX!!


miniVNA Tiny support
• Sweeper functionality added to Generator mode
• X-tal mode (both manual and auto) – EXPERIMENTAL
• Some changes in the custom frequency window
• Some changes in the Generator operation mode
• Some graphical interface visibility improvements


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Super wide range VNA!

New at Friedrichshafen 2014 Ham Radio!

The newcomer 2014 miniVNA Tiny is a new wide range Vector Network analyzer    1MHz – 3GHz for hams and commercial users

Compatible with the well known VNA/J java software by DL2SBA

We invite you to join us

New EXTENDER Driver Guide

A new version of the miniVNA PRO-EXTENDER Driver Guide is available from DL2SBA’s website.


As mentioned in inside the Guide, in REFLECTION mode you must use the RX port for calibration and antenna measurement .