The miniVNA is a tiny antenna analyser working from 0.1 to 180MHz. It is connected to a computer with just one USB cable, power is supplied over USB. An internal option for serial (RS-232) communications is available as well.

The miniVNA allows you to quickly analyze any antenna over a user defined frequency range between 0.1 and 180MHz. You see at a glance where the antenna is resonant, what the SWR is and what the return loss is. The best (minimal) SWR frequency is automatically found and displayed.

Two markers can be freely placed within the shown frequency range and measure impedance [Z], resistance [R], phase [ω] and other values at these points.

Other functions of the miniVNA allows you to measure cable losses, cable length, transmission, bandwidth and quality of filters etc.

With it’s extremely small size, low power consumption and easy to use software interface the miniVNA offers a perfect device for HF/VHF measurements for the radio amateur. Whether at home in your shack or in the field during a fieldday or expedition. Size 90 x 85 x 25mm, Connectors 2 BNC.

Software is available for Windows™ and Linux™ operating systems.